Sabarimala, a misdirected issue?

Am I eligible to comment? NO. Because it’s a belief system. And many people follow rigorous routine to do Sabarimala pilgrimage. I didn’t have the opportunity to do it. So I won’t have full understanding of the belief system.

And this should not be approached with 'sociological' or 'biological' logics of human equality. It’s a matter of 'psychological' logic of belief system. We have to hear the opinion of women who have deep belief. The decision should be made by the people who follow rigorous routine and belief to do Sabarimala pilgrimage.

A misdirection:

We are living in a time where men and women are considered different species. But sometime back they were classified together as sapiens. In those times visiting Sabarimala is a family thing and the pilgrimage was done for the wellness of the family and their wishes(both species). If it is considered as a family concept, then women were participating from the start of the pilgrimage till the end. Allowing men to do the pilgrimage, by looking after the family, helping them with the fasting.

Democracy and secularism:

When we approach this with democracy, then majority people from the outside(who don’t do pilgrimage) will suggest women pilgrimage. But when we approach with secularism, those believers have the right to chose their own rules.

Self referencing automaton

Self referencing automaton