It’s okay to be bored

How long can we stare at a picture? 1hour? I don’t know.

This pandemic has made us stare pictures of our house and monitor for the longest time.

We miss the commute, office space, lifts, meeting rooms, pantry, food courts, restaurants, weekend trips etc. We miss these ever changing pictures.

Visually we are bored to the extreme. If not aware this boredom might get shifted on to our work, relationships, home etc.

The work we enjoyed, the relationships we longed, home we loved, shows we binged might seem boring suddenly.

So be aware of this shift in boredom. Don’t mix.

Make some habits and be consistent so as to reduce time spent on thinking much on deciding what to do next(which is the greatest source of boredom as there aren’t many options left(Thought wise also we will be playing the same options repeatedly))

Stay safe. Get Bored. It’s OKAY!!!