How thoughts can become reality

Our instincts are great at predicting future.

If we bet on highly uncertain acts,our instinct will prepare us for the failure. So we will be prepared for failure. But later while introspection we would think that we failed because of half mindedness. But the reason is our betting on the least possible action and not the action. If that is the case why we bet on uncertainties and fail and hurt ourselves?

Evolution. To evolve on the large scale many agents should try varied things. Some would fail(may be for this agent the uncertainty is higher because of its environment or parameter) and some would succeed(less uncertainty)and generate new directions.

If we bet on highly probable actions we would naturally succeed. This also doesn’t mean we were strong and we succeeded. We kept our bet on high probability.

PS: Believing a less probable event to be highly probable is a mistake and similarly over thinking on a highly probable event is waste of energy and time.(But ultimately randomness has its hand on setting expectation for evolution)

Self referencing automaton

Self referencing automaton