Destination vs Direction.

We have dreams of accomplishing some things in life.

Some people give more importance to the accomplishments(destination). Others to the path(direction).

Destination driven people tend to have sharp focus ,but tend to take shortcuts and overlook the problems which arrives after the destination had been reached.

Because of the focus they tend to eliminate wastes in the process but at the expense of not trying new things or having new perspective.

They tend to achieve the goal sooner but at the expense of accepting flaws that comes associated with the shortcuts.

On the other hand direction driven people tend to experiment a lot at the expense of focus.

Because the efficiency is sacrificed for experiments, the end result will take time, But usually there will be less problems associated after reaching destination.

They tend to enjoy the path or experiences they gain but at the expense of not getting satisfied at the destination or trying to improve the result.

I am little bit biased towards directional way because it gives options for improvement,with less flaws and continuous feedback.

And we don’t have to sacrifice our principles to achieve the destination. We can take a long flawless route. And we may reach a better destination than which was initially planned because of the experiments and the experiences we face in the path.

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