Boon and bane of Abstract knowledge.

Our brain always trys to abstract a piece of information. It will save space while storing and energy while retrieval. Because in-depth knowledge of all informations are not needed for survival. Only that those required are stored further, that too on repeated encounter.

Eg. Instead of, lions need us for food and will chase ,kill and eat us and that will be bad for my survival, it will be stored as ‘Avoid lions’.

This is boon.

Here comes the bane part.

Eg. Old diesel engines without catalytic converter releases more NOx and hence bad for environment. But what registered was ‘Diesel is bad’.

Because of development and knowledge, nowadays a word can alter the meaning. So it’s better to analyse(it’s hard to keep up with the information flow) before raising an opinion.

Self referencing automaton

Self referencing automaton