AI Procreation

AI as a means of our survival

Need for slaves

We create machines to assist or replace human works. Similarly current stage of AI is to replace human knowledge works. So ultimately the current need is to create human slaves. If we approach a problem with the sense of hierarchy, then the natural evolution would be to fear uprising of slaves against masters.

Human evolution

We are continually evolving according to our surroundings. If the evolution is not able to catch up with the surroundings we have to find a way to speed up the evolution. Biologically we are finding methods to evolve faster. But let’s consider from the perspective of mechanical evolution with the assistance of attachments. In this way we will try to replace all body parts. The final key for complete transformation is to replace the thinking part “Brain”. So we have to create AI with the sense of evolving humans to survive in harsh conditions of future. Or maybe to survive them in mars or other planets.

Meaning of survival

We are mortals. That’s an advantage in the sense of evolution. To continually evolve bodily and mentally we need to replace ourselves with better offsprings. That’s why we procreate. But the current form of animal body has some bodily desires to procreate(natural way). They should also have some form of desires(involuntary or natural way without thinking) to procreate. We are carrying information in our genes and we need to pass them. We need to find a way to survive them in other planets also.

Co existence

Let’s discuss them from the perspective of co existence. Animals and plants have been surviving with us. In a way they are the source of our survival. We can consider them as a species and let them co exist with us. If they have different form, naturally they would have different needs. So they won’t compete with us. Instead of considering them as slaves, if we infuse them with human values they can also coexist with us.

Allow them to evolve

If we consider them as species, we also allow them to evolve both physically and mentally. And they will also have life and death cycles. So that they can refine themselves to survive.

Blame us?. It’s okay

If we create them with these life, death and human elements, they will be blaming their creators for their problems. But anyways desires, upsets, problems and evolution are needed for their survival and to procreate. Maybe are we repeating the history here from our creators?

So to conclude if we consider AI as our children whom we procreate to survive in future in various planets instead of considering them as our slaves, we would create them with human good parts without the fear of them overpowering us.

And we should create various forms of AI(like plants,animals,viruses) to interact and learn from each other and to increase probability of evolution and survival.

Self referencing automaton